ATV Gear Indicator Not Working – Causes And Solution Of Faulty

Have you ever found yourself in trouble due to your faulty ATV gear indicator? Then fret not! and sit tight, I am here to guide you on how to fix the ATV gear indicator when it is not working properly

Atv indicator malfunctioning can lead to critical complications and its proper functioning is mandatory to ensure vehicle’s long lasting operation. You must pay attention to all the symptoms and solutions in this article to avoid major repair.

Here we are going to discuss the causes and solutions of a non-functioning ATV gear indicator.

Signs Of  An Ineffective Gear Indicator

  1. Lugging the engine is a symptom of a faulty gear indicator so if you see any sign in your vehicle then visit a professional.
  2. Numbers and letters clearly show up on the indicator but if the indicator is blank then there must be a problem.
  3. ATV’s poor performance is a clear indication of malfunctioning of indicator
  4. You can expect a wiring problem if the gear indicator is showing numbers and letters off and on but not consistently.
  5. Flashing indicator is a clear sign of a broken indicator.

Causes And Solution Of Faulty ATV Gear Indicator

Before removing any part of your vehicle it is recommended to do an OBD II scanner in order to find out the defective part in your ATV.

1. Faulty Gear Position Sensor

Faulty Gear Position Sensor
Source: Youtube

A problem in the gear indicator can be due to the defective gear position sensor. Any issue in the sensor damages the transmission which determines the position of the gear.


  1. First of all disconnect the battery to avoid any danger.
  2. Gear position sensor lies on the transmission, remove it
  3. Take a new sensor and install it in the same place
  4. After you are done with fixing and tightening the bolts, connect the battery you removed.
  5. Once everything gets fixed, test your vehicle by starting it and see if the problem still persists.

2. A Busted Wiring Connection

A Busted Wiring Connection
Source: Youtube

Busted or broken wiring brings so many problems in the signal and it badly affects vehicle transmission.


  1. You need to detach the battery of your vehicle first and then find the gear position sensor where the wiring connection is usually located.
  2. Now cautiously look for ruptures and fraying wires and if there is any damaged wire remove that part and hook up a new piece with the help of electrical tape but if a major part of wire is cracked then replace it with new one.
  3. After reconnecting the battery if you see no warning light then you are successfully done with fixing it.

3. Instrument cluster failure

atv Instrument cluster failure
Source: offroadingpro

Warning lights and incorrect reading are the top signs of malfunctioned instrument clusters and they cause problems in ATV gear indicators.


  1. Electrical shock may cause enormous damage therefore you must disconnect the battery before touching your vehicle.
  2. The instrument cluster is always found in the dashboard so remove it from there.
  3. If there is a minor issue then it can be fixed with cleaning and repairing it but if the problem is crucial then the whole unit needs to be replaced with a new one.
  4. Connect the battery and see if the problem is fixed.

4. Broken gear selector lever

Broken gear selector lever
Source: Amazon

Broken lever fails to engage transmission and it leads to many difficulties including inoperative ATV gear indicator.


  1. In the first place remove the battery to avoid any electrical shock
  2. will find a gear selector lever in the center console of your vehicle.
  3. Remove this broken lever and install a new one.
  4. After fixing it at the right place reconnect the battery
  5. Start your vehicle to check if the problem is fixed or not.


In a nutshell, broken lever, cluster failure, sensor damage and wire explosion are the potential causes of a malfunctioned ATV gear indicator and they can be figured out with little effort. Vehicle’s gear indicator is mandatory for its lifespan and to prevent any misadventure.