ATV High Rpm In Neutral: Damages Of ATV High Rpm In Neutral

Are you running your ATV at high rpm in neutral condition or intending to keep it at this speed?

Then wait for a second, what if your vehicle gets internal damage and ruptures perpetually?

High rpm in neutral can lead to many complications, mainly poor engine performance and massive damage to its internal components that results in costly bills.

In this article, we will discuss the drawbacks of ATV high rpm in neutral and all the possible solutions to avoid a major repair. Hold on tight and let’s jump right into the explanation.

Damages Of ATV High Rpm In Neutral

1. Permanent Engine Failure

 Permanent Engine Failure
Source: rislone

Any vehicle’s performance depends on its engine but high rpm in neutral condition makes the engine weak by targeting its pistons and valves and it results in a collapsed engine.

At this stage, it starts making weird sounds and oil leakage which are warning signs.


  1. The first step is diagnosing the main issue. You can do it by yourself if you know electric equipment. For this purpose professional mechanics uses scanning machines and visual inspection.
  2. If wear and tear are minor then it can be repaired but if there is a major issue then the only solution is to replace it with a new one.
  3. The next step is assembling all the parts and installing them in the right way.
  4. After reinstallation, run the engine and check if it works perfectly.

2. Suspension Damage

atv Suspension Damage
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High RPM puts huge stress on the suspension system of a vehicle that consists of springs, rods, bearings, bushing, frame, and steering system.

Their duties include supporting the vehicle weight and absorbing shock but intense damage can be seen if ATV runs at maximum RPM.


  1. First look for all the signs of damage that can be fraying, bending cracks, and loose connections.
  2. Carefully examine all parts and see how much repair they need or they can be fixed easily by just removing unnecessary bends and tightening loose connections
  3. Some parts might need replacement then it is better to install a new one in its place.

3. Drive Belt Rupturing

atv Drive Belt Rupturing
Source: finntrail

Putting the vehicle into the drive at high RPM is bad for the drive belt. The belt can slip or stretch resulting in damage.


  1. Rupturing and missing pieces of the drive belt or worn pulleys are clear indications of its damage.
  2. Thoroughly examine the belt and try to fix it with the help of electric tape but if it cannot be repaired then replace it with a new one.
  3. Regularly lubricate all the parts to avoid further issues.

4. Transmission

atv Transmission
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High rpm stress on the transmission causes defects in bearings, gear, and other components.


  1. Whenever a vehicle undergoes transmission damage it starts making strange or weird noises along with leakage and damage to various components.
  2. Fix the issue by repairing the cracked parts.
  3. If some parts cannot be adjusted then replace them with new ones.

Cons Of ATV High Rpm In Neutral

  1. Neutral ATVs make people think that they are safe but danger still hovers over the head of the rider.
  2. If the engine is sitting idle for a long period then it affects its performance massively.
  3. While going downhill neutral may cause brake failure owing to its overuse and maximum heat.
  4. The neutral condition increases consumption.
  5. An engine must use its power to make the vehicle run effectively but neutral form disturbs its functioning.
  6. Take-off requires shifting into gear and engaging the clutch the ATV causes damage to the engine.
  7. Decreased engine efficiency may be observed.
  8. ATV’s speed and direction become uncontrolled and the risk of harm increases.

How To Avoid Damage From High RPM In Neutral ATV

  1. You must pay attention to the engine sounds if there is a strange sound coming out of it then have your ATV inspected by a professional mechanic
  2. Don’t do any kind of overloading to keep your vehicle safe otherwise it may permanently damage your ATV.
  3. Flushing out debris from the engine is mandatory for its maintenance and proper working and it further saves from huge damage.
  4. Always increase speed cautiously because sudden acceleration is not good for ATV


Overall, high rpm Atv in neutral is detrimental to the vehicle. High rpm ATV in neutral condition makes the vehicle exert high pressure on the engine and as a result of this force too much heat is produced that can wear and tear it badly. It is better to avoid your ATV running at high rpm in neutral to save your vehicle and money.