ATV Poor Starting When Warm Or Hot – Causes Of ATVs

You are ready for a drive and suddenly ATV is having trouble starting. It is the most infuriating situation that not only spoils your mood but can damage your vehicle as well. 

ATV poor starting when warm or hot might be due to engine overheating, choke, valves, ignition system, spark plugs, fuel system, carburetor, or fuel lines.

In this article, I will walk you through all the potential causes and also give solutions to fix this issue.

Causes Of ATVs Poor Starting When It Is Warm Or Hot

Here we are going to explain different causes of ATVs’ poor state when it is warm or hot. First, you need to gather all the essential tools including a wrench, sockets, and multimeter to examine all components.

1. Hot Engine

atv Hot Engine
Source: powersportsmuskoka

Engine overheating stalls the vehicle by damaging its internal components. 


  1. Find out the root cause of overheating
  2. Inspect internal components of the engine, its coolant level, water pump, and radiator
  3. Repair all damaged parts
  4. Replace where repair is not possible

2. Choke Maladjustment

Choke plays an important role in starting a cold engine but you need to turn it off as soon as the engine starts because it starts flooding the engine with gasoline that stalls your ATV.


  1. Adjust the choke properly
  2. Turn it on and when you see that engine has warmed up 
  3. Turn it off as soon as the engine starts to avoid flooding of fuel that can harm your vehicle in the long run

3. Malfunctioning Ignition System

ATV ignition system includes a spark plug, battery, ignition switch, coils, and motor. If you are having trouble starting your vehicle there is a problem with these components. 


  1. If the ignition switch is faulty it won’t provide the power that is necessary to start the ATV. Repair it to get rid of this problem.
  2. The ignition coil provides a high voltage that ignites the fuel mixture. Any wear and tear in the coil produce a low spark that causes trouble in atv starting. Change the coil to make the atv work in a better way.
  3. A faulty starter motor and battery lead to difficulty starting ATV. replace old and damaged motors and batteries to fix the issue.

4. Improper Valve Adjustment

atv Improper Valve Adjustment
Source: atvhelper

The intake and exhaust valves play an important role in the combustion process. Their maladjustment leads to difficulty in starting the ATV


  1. Do not make the valves too loose since they lead to a lack of compression that stops the engine from starting smoothly
  2. Never tighten valves too much because it becomes the reason for compression loss and it eventually stops the engine.

5. Faulty Carburetor

If the carburetor is clogged or misadjusted it causes trouble starting your vehicle because the carburetor can gum up and block the flow of air and fuel to the engine. 


  1. Clean the carburetor, and all filters with the help of a good-quality cleaning solution.
  2. Adjust it properly so that it may receive the proper fuel to start the vehicle

6. Damaged Fuel Lines

Fuel leakage and clogged fuel lines are one of the biggest reasons for stalling the engine and causing trouble in running ATVs smoothly. 


  1. Examine all fuel lines and find out the exact problem
  2. Repair fuel lines and clean all clogs 
  3. Replace worn-out or broken parts to have the problem fixed. 

7. Wiring Problem

atv Wiring Problem
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When the engine gets hot or warmed up it causes expansion and makes batteries and cable thick that eventually leads to trouble in starting the ATV


  1. Look for all signs of damage
  2. If wires are melted, frayed, or broken then replace them as soon as possible
  3. Replace battery and fuses to ensure proper working of the vehicle

8. Faulty Spark Plug

Spark plugs need to be changed every year otherwise they cause so many problems and major is stopping the engine from running properly


  1. Inspect the spark plugs properly
  2. If they are damaged then replace them instantly otherwise it may ruin your ATV.


In a nutshell, ATV poor starting when it is warm or hot is due to engine overheating, choke, valves, ignition system, spark plugs, fuel system, carburetor, or fuel lines.

We have discussed all the solutions to fix the problem. If you are still facing any problems then take your vehicle to a licensed mechanic to have the issue fixed without any difficulty.