Can I Sell My Atv Without A Title? | Answered

You might want to sell your ATV vehicle for some financial reason or other purposes. But you don’t have the title of ownership for some reason.

So, Can You sell your ATV vehicle without a Title? Yes, you can sell your ATV vehicle without a Title.

However, selling or buying an ATV vehicle without a title requires consideration of some factors, including the importance of the bill of sale and the reasons for not having the title of ownership.

This article will share a complete guide on selling an ATV vehicle without a Title.

The Process Of Selling An ATV

The following factors must be taken into consideration when selling your ATV vehicle.


Before placing an ad for your ATV vehicle, check for its maintenance and see if there is a need for repair in any part of the vehicle.

ATV vehicle, check for its maintenance
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You can also hire a mechanic to do the job for you. If you want to avoid hiring a mechanic, you can also check for cracks and rust in any part of the vehicle and check if the engine is working well and if the tires and other parts are in good condition.

It is important as it will be written on the bill of sale if any part needs repair. Additionally, the more you take care of The ATV vehicle, the more serious customers you will get.

Title and Registration:

One of the most important things you can do to make your ATV vehicle ready for selling is to ensure that you have paid off any Liens and get the ownership(if possible).

It is very important as there are few chances that anyone will buy a vehicle with liens as it will be transferred to the new owner.

So, contact your bank or any financial institution having your ATV’s title of ownership and clear all the liens, and now you are ready to sell your ATV vehicle.

Make Your Own Bill Of Sale:

Whether selling your ATV vehicle or buying it from a local seller without a title, you must not agree without the Bill of Sale.

Without the title, the bill of sale is the only thing that you can use to apply for a new title of ownership after the purchase.

Each state has its own rule for the contents of the bill of sale. But some must-written things on the contract are as follows.

  1. Full Names of Buyer and Seller
  2. Address of Buyer and Seller
  3. Signatures of Buyer and Seller
  4. Date and Place of Sale
  5. Purchase Price
  6. license plate number 
  7. Sales tax on the purchase price
  8. Full Description of Vehicle including (Year, Make and Model).
  9. VIN (Vehicle Identity Number).
  10. If there are chances of any potential occurrence of a negative event in the future, like repair work needs to be done, it will also be written here.

Some states might have laws that require the presence of a notary during the contract. Check your local court system and proceed accordingly to complete the procedure.

Why does Your Atv Have No Title?

Why does Your Atv Have No Title?
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If you are buying or selling a second-hand ATV vehicle, it may not have the ownership title.

There are various reasons why an ATV vehicle doesn’t have a Title. Some might not be a problem, but others might disturb you. So it is important to consider them before making any decision.

Lost The Title Deed:

One of the most common reasons is that the owner might not have cared for the title and lost the original title, and now it is impossible to renew the registration. In that case, you should ask your seller to provide the original invoice or bill of sale. After you have the bill of sale, you can apply for the title of ownership.

The ATV Is Used Only On Private Property:

Another case is that the ATV vehicle does not have a title because it is only used on private property; therefore, the owner never cares to have the title of the vehicle.

Before buying a vehicle, in this case, you must investigate and contact the cops to verify if the vehicle has not been used in any illegal activity to avoid problems in future.

Once you have verified everything, you can proceed to buy the ATV vehicle and apply for the title in the local registration office with the bill of sale.

ATV Is So Old To Have A Title:

It is also one of the reasons that might not even exist now. The first generation of ATV vehicles was manufactured between the 1980s and 1990s.

ATV Is So Old To Have A Title:
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At that time, the title of ownership was not a major issue, and it was not needed as it was launched for the first time.

With time, the owners wanted to do insurance for their ATV vehicle, so they needed a title of ownership.

From that time, the title of ownership was made important for selling ATV vehicles. It is important to note that the different states of the US have their laws on this issue.

Similarly, in this case, you must check for any involvement of the ATV vehicle in any illegal activity before making a purchase.

It Is A Stolen Vehicle:

One of the worst situations is that the owner might not have the ATV title because it is stolen.

That’s why it is recommended to check the previous history of the vehicle by using it’s VIN (Vehicle Identity Number).

Never buy an ATV vehicle that is found to have been stolen. In that case, you can also be prisoned as you don’t have the title of ownership, and your purchased vehicle is found to be used in illegal activity in the past.

Moreover, if you find that you have purchased a stolen ATV vehicle, immediately contact the cops to avoid any unwanted problems.

How To Register An ATV Without A Title?

How To Register An ATV Without A Title?
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Once you buy an ATV vehicle without a title, it’s time to apply for the title at the local registration office.

You can proceed without it but having the title of ownership is the only way to make you the legal owner of the vehicle.

You need the bill of sales to apply. There may be other documents needed for the process; you can contact the local registration office to get the information to proceed further.


It is possible to sell your ATV vehicle without a title. We have discussed some factors that are important to consider while selling your ATV vehicle, including the maintenance of the vehicle, paying off any liens to get the title (if possible) and issuing the bill of sale.

There can be  various reasons for the lost title, such as the title might be lost mistakenly by the owner, ATV being used only on private property, the vehicle is too old to have a title, and it might be a stolen vehicle.

Lastly, Applying for a new title of ownership is always important after buying it for legal ownership. We have discussed it for you in the article. Go and check it out.