How Long Should I Let My Atv Warm Up? | Tips To Prepare Your ATV For Cold Weather

Using the ATV vehicle in winter is quite different compared to summer. The cold temperature badly affects the ATV and its parts.

Therefore, it is important to warm up the ATV engine before riding to gain the optimum temperature in cold weather.

So, How Long Should I Let My Atv Warm Up? The answer is 5 minutes. There is no need to warm up your ATV vehicle for more than 5 minutes as this time is enough to attain the temperature for normal working.

This article will discuss how to use your ATV in winter,and some tips to prepare your ATV for cold weather.

How To Start ATV In Winters?

You need to be careful while starting your ATV in winter. Due to extremely cold weather, the engine and other parts of your ATV might be frozen.

It is important to warm up the ATV so that the engine oil circulates in all the parts and it  gets ready to work.

For that, start your engine, keep your ATV standing idle for about 5 minutes, and allow it to warm up.

Once it is warmed up, apply the handbrake, release the parking brake, shift into gear and slowly apply the throttle.

Riding ATv vehicle in winter in snow is different than riding it on clear trackTherefore start

First, start slowly and don’t exceed more than 5 mph, and once you get used to it, you can increase your ATV speed and enjoy your ride.

Warning: Never gun the throttle while your ATV is warming up, as it can cause serious wear and tear to the engine and lessen the life of other parts of the vehicle. 

Tips To Prepare Your ATV For Cold Weather:

If you really care about your ATV’s health, you must consider the below-mentioned factors to keep it in good condition in winter.

1. Check Fuel:

Checking the fuel is very important as the whole ATV runs on behalf of the fuel.

Check Fuel
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During winters, there is a high chance that the water might condensate or enter the fuel tank, contaminating the fuel.

The frozen water in the fuel line can also hinder the fuel from reaching the engine. The contaminated fuel can cause damage to your ATV, and the ATV may not start at all.

To avoid this problem, add fuel stabilizers. It helps keep your fuel fresh and absorbs any moisture in the fuel tank.

Add a fuel stabilizer in the fuel and start the engine; it will circulate through the whole system and protect it  from any moisture.

2. Battery Maintenance:

Another important factor is battery maintenance in winter. The cold temperature causes your ATV battery to die fastly.

To avoid this, you must protect your battery from freezing in cold temperature. You can also use a trickle charger to keep your charger active and working in the cold weather.

To ensure optimal working, make sure that the terminals of your battery are clean and rust-free.

If you are not using your ATV and the weather is suspected of falling, remove your battery from the ATV and store it in a warm place to keep it from damaging.

3. Use Tyre Chains:

Now this one is very important, especially for enjoying your ATV rides in the snow. The tyre chains help to provide more traction to the vehicle in snow.

Use Tyre Chains
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These tyre chains help to dig in the thick layer of snow and help the vehicle to move freely without any hindrance.

It is recommended to get the tyre chains installed by a professional to avoid any problems as they need to flatten the tire, and if it is not flattened properly, it can cause serious accidents.

Note: Only use the tyre chains on the road covered with a thick layer of snow; otherwise, they can cause damage to both road and your ATV tires.

4. Check The Coolant:

Engine coolants are used to protect the engine from damage caused by overheating. During winter, the coolant might freeze.

Before riding your vehicle during winter, it is important to check for coolant if it is frozen.

If it is frozen,thaw it and then replace it with the fresh one. You can also use anti-freeze to prevent your coolant from freezing during winter.

Never compromise on your ATV coolant, as its absence can cause serious damage to the engine.

5. Clean The Air Filter:

The air filter of your ATV vehicle can get clogged with bugs, small insects, and snow during winter.

Clean The Air Filter
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The clogged air filter will block the passage of the air and interfere will the engine’s working.

To prevent it, clean your ATV air filter, and don’t forget to dry moisture before installing it again. The moisture can again result in a clogged air filter.

Moreover, if your ATV has a foam-style air filter, clean it and grease it properly before installing again.


It takes 5 minutes for an ATV to warm up in winter. This is enough time to gain the optimal temperature that the ATV needs to work properly.

After the warm-up, start slowly by maintaining a low speed, and once you get used to it, you can increase the speed and enjoy your ATV ride.

We have also discussed different tips to prepare your ATV for working properly in winter. Go and check them out.