Securing ATV by The Tires Bad For Suspension? – A Guide To Protecting Your ATV!

If you’re an ATV lover, you know that the well-being of your ride is a top priority. One question that often comes up in discussions is whether securing your ATV by the tires can harm its suspension. 

Don’t worry too much about using tire tie-downs – they’re not likely to seriously strain your ATV’s frame or ruin the suspension.

But remember not to pull too hard; it could cause shock problems. Also, keep in mind that Honda says it’s not good to squash the suspension for too long.

In This Comprehensive Guide, We’re here to delve into this topic, address your concerns, and provide expert insights that will help you make informed decisions. So, let’s get started!

Is Securing by the Tires Harmful to Your Suspension?

The short answer is not significant. There’s a common belief that tying down an ATV by the tires could potentially damage the suspension due to the bouncing and movement during transportation. 

However, let’s put this concern to rest. While it’s true that the suspension is designed to absorb bumps and shocks on the road, the suspension action from using tire tie-downs is minimal, if any at all. In fact, many off-road race car haulers use tire tie-downs without causing undue wear on their suspensions.

Smart Strategies for ATV Transport — Your Journey Just Got Easier!

1. Tailored Travel Solutions for Every Distance: Ensuring a Smooth Ride

When it comes to transporting your ATV, the journey’s length plays a crucial role in deciding the best approach. For short trips, you can trust securing your ATV by the tires – a method that offers both convenience and reliability. 

However, as your adventures extend to long-haul journeys, it’s time to explore alternative techniques that prioritize your suspension’s well-being.

2. Suspension Support, Your Companion for Long Drives

Picture those frequent road trips that stretch for miles. To ensure your suspension’s longevity, consider an intelligent solution, crafting custom brackets that provide unwavering support during transit. 

These brackets become your suspension’s steadfast ally by minimizing excessive movement, guaranteeing a comfortable ride even on extended voyages.

3. Tie-Down Tactics: Choose Wisely for Optimal Security

The scenario shifts when your ATV is your sole companion on the road. In this case, opting for a frame-to-side mounts tie-down approach is a savvy move. 

This technique strategically spreads pressure across your ATV, eliminating any chances of unnecessary suspension compression – a small adjustment that contributes significantly to preserving your suspension’s integrity.

4. Safety First, Adding Layers of Assurance

While a well-executed tie-down approach is crucial, don’t forget to implement backup plans for added peace of mind. 

Engaging the parking brake (if available) and shifting your ATV into gear are simple yet effective measures that act as trustworthy companions throughout your transportation journey.

5. Learn from the Pros, Embrace the Tire Tie Downs

Drawing inspiration from the professionals in the off-road racing world can be enlightening. These experts rely on tire tie-downs to secure their vehicles, a method that sidesteps suspension wear while ensuring steadfast protection. 

Embracing this approach, when done correctly, demonstrates its effectiveness and offers a valuable lesson for your own ATV transportation endeavors.

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Balancing Suspension Wear – Expert Insights!

To dive deeper into this matter, we consulted experts in the field, including motorsports mechanics specialized in ATVs.

They share that securing an ATV by the tires can introduce some movement during transport, but this movement is unlikely to cause significant suspension wear.

This method should be fine if you’re taking your quad on short trips. However, it’s worth considering additional precautions for longer journeys, particularly those spanning several hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Won’t the ATV’s movement during transport cause suspension wear?

While some movement might occur, the suspension is built to handle road shocks. Tire tie-downs for short trips will not significantly impact your suspension’s lifespan.

2. Can securing the tires be harmful on long journeys?

For extended trips, exploring additional support systems, such as brackets, is advisable to ensure your suspension’s longevity and performance.

3. How can I ensure the best tie-down approach for my ATV?

Opt for a tie-down method that evenly spreads pressure, like the frame-to-side mounts tie-down approach. This helps avoid unnecessary suspension compression and maintains your ATV’s suspension health.

4. Are there any safety measures I should take during ATV transportation?

Yes, engaging the parking brake (if available) and shifting the ATV into gear are simple yet effective safety measures that add extra assurance during transportation.

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Wrapping Up The Article:

In the end, the notion that securing your ATV by the tires significantly harms the suspension can be put to rest. 

Short trips are well within the capabilities of modern suspensions, while longer journeys can benefit from thoughtful precautions like suspension brackets.

Remember, safety is paramount during ATV transportation. Opt for balanced tie-down methods, engage safety features, and embrace expert-backed techniques.