Why Does My Atv Die When I Give It Gas? | 5 Reasons & How To Fix The Issue

You might be preparing your ATV for the adventurous mountain’s roads, but it dies out when you start the engine after filling the gas. 

It’s frustrating to see your ATV dying without any apparent reason. However, it’s common; most ATV owners go through this situation.

Your ATV might die after filling the gas because of the clogged carburettor, gas and ignition problems, or it may be due to the clogged exhaust or air filter.

Your ATV might be dying because of one or more reasons mentioned above. It’s crucial to identify the exact problem to solve the issue.

In this article, we will discuss the various reasons why your ATV dies after giving gas and how to fix them.

Reasons Why Does My Atv Die:

We have explained the reasons that might cause your ATV to die after filling the gas. Read them carefully to identify the reason causing the problem.

Clogged Carburettor:

A clogged carburettor can cause your ATV to die. The carburettor supplies the correct mixture of air and fuel to the ignition engine.

Clogged Carburettor
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Sometimes, when the ATV is stored for a long time with gas-filled, the gas contaminates the carburettor.

The gas begins to break down into unstable molecules after 3-4 weeks after filling,which gummed up in the carburettor.

Due to the clogged carburettor, insufficient fuel is supplied to the engine, which affects the combustion process.

Consequently, the engine does not not work properly, and the ATV die.

Not Enough Gas:

Every combustion engine needs a correction ratio of gas and air mixture. When this mixture is not provided in a correct ratio, the engine’s working is affected, and the vehicle dies.

As a rule of thumb, the gas and air mixture should be in a ratio where all the fuel is burned with no extra air left.

When insufficient gas is used, the fuel pump will overheat and fail due to continuous pumping with less fuel.

Due to low fuel levels, the engine can take up dirt and debris from the bottom of the fuel tank, damaging the fuel pump and can result in major engine defects.

Ignition Problems:

Fault in the ignition system also causes the ATV vehicle to die out. The ignition system consists of the ignition coil and the spark plug.

Ignition Problems:
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The ignition coil transfers the high-voltage pulse generated by the pick-up coil to the spark plug.

The spark plug then starts the combustion process in the combustion engine.

When the spark plug is not working well, it does not ignite the combustion process, and results in the engine not working properly and the vehicle dies. 

The spark plug fails due to unfiltered air and high ratio of fuel and air mixture than normal.

Clogged Exhaust System:

A clogged exhaust system causes the ATV vehicle to die after giving it gas. The exhaust system removes the exhaust gases from the engine to the outside.

It releases the waste gases produced during the combustion process and keeps the engine clean.

But when the exhaust becomes clogged, the waste gases cannot be expelled. As a result, they produce back pressure that interferes with the vehicle’s functioning. And the vehicle dies out.

The outside dirt and carbon build-up in the catalytic converter can clog the exhaust system.

Clogged Air Filter:

Clogged Air Filter:
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Another common reason is the dirty air filter. The air filter removes any dirt and other debris from the air entering the vehicle. The ATV engine needs clean air for the combustion process.

However, a clogged air filter can prevent air from flowing through. This can be caused by snow or any other debris stuck in the filter

When the air filter gets clogged, not enough air is supplied to the engine. As a result, the fuel remains unburned and forms a residue that affects the working of the ignition system.

How To Fix The Issue:

Now it is time to find the solution to fix your dying ATV after you have successfully identified the exact reason..

We have discussed the solutions for all the possible reasons mentioned above.

  • If you are using your ATV vehicle after a long time and it has the previous fuel filled in, there are chances that it will die due to a clogged carburettor.

         To clean the carburettor, first, remove the old gas. Clean the carburettor using fuel system cleaners and fill fresh gas in the fuel tank.

  • Always use the appropriate amount of fuel for the normal working of the ATV vehicle.
  • If the spark plug is not working well. Replace it immediately with the new one.
  • To clean the exhaust system, use a bristle brush to clean the exhaust pipe.

           To remove the carbon deposits, use degreasers and clean the pipe thoroughly. Lastly, use a dry cloth to clean the pipe from the inside and outside.

  • To clean the air filter, take it out and remove the dust and debris from it and clean it thoroughly; ensure that no moisture is left in the air filter and dry it completely before installing it again.

        If you are using an Oil-Foam based air filter, apply an optimal amount of oil to it before installing it.


Your ATV may die after giving it gas due to a clogged carburettor, insufficient gas, ignition problems, clogged exhaust and an air filter.

We have discussed these reasons in detail, along with their solutions, for you to identify them correctly, solve them, and enjoy your ATV ride.