Why Does My ATV Keep Turning Off? | 6 Various Reasons In Detailed

ATVs are great vehicles for riding on mountains and other adventurous roads. But if the ATV keeps turning off after intervals, it can create tension.

Your ATV might keep turning off due to the overheating of the electrical components, blocked air filters, clogged carburetors, dirty fuel injectors, and gas and battery issues.

It is important to identify why your ATV vehicle is not working properly to fix the issue.

Not all problems need a mechanic to fix them. You can also fix some issues by yourself.

In this article, we will discuss the various reasons in detail so that you can understand and fix the problem.


If you are facing the issue of your ATV keep turning off, then you must read these reasons to identify the problem.

1. Engine And Electrical Components Overheating:

Your ATV may need to work better because of the engine’s overheating and the electrical components, such as the pick-up coil.

Engine And Electrical Components Overheating
Source: counterman

Usually, when the engine of the vehicle overheats, it shuts down the system and hence the vehicle.

The pick-up coil generates a high voltage pulse and signals the ignition module to spark the plug, so when the coil overheats, its ability of resistance decreases.

It does not generate the high voltage pulse needed to spark the plug; hence the engine does not start.The age of the coil can also affect its working.

In this case, the engine starts for some minutes and then shuts off. Again when the engine cools down, it runs well for more minutes.

2. Blocked Air Filter:

Most ATV vehicles have an air filter that filters the air before it enters the engine and protects the engine from getting dirty from dirt, dust, sand, and small insects.

The ATV might not be working properly due to the dirty air filter. Sometimes the air filter can get clogged with snow or any other debris.

Check the filter and ensure it does not contain any moisture, as it can clog the dirt. Clean the filter even if it is not completely dirty, and ensure it is free of any moisture before installing it again.

If you are using an oiled-foam style filter, clean it and remove the debris and apply new oil (avoid applying too much oil) before installing it.

3. Clogged Carburetor:

Sometimes the carburetor becomes dirty or clogged due to contaminated fuel and unfiltered air.

Clogged Carburetor
Source: motorcyclemd

Due to the debris in the carburetor, enough fuel is not pumped into the engine, and the engine keeps turning off.

Moreover, ATVs stored for a long time may also face clogged carburetors. The fuel contains the gasoline that starts breaking down after three to four weeks into unstable fuel molecules called varnish.

The varnish sticks in different parts, including the carburetor, and affects its function.

To solve this problem, you must clean or rebuild the carburetor if it cannot be cleaned. You can hire a technician to do the job for you.

4. Dirty Fuel Injectors: 

Not All ATVs use carburetors to supply the air/fuel mixture to the engine.

Some ATVs use fuel injectors to supply the fuel directly to the vehicle’s internal combustion engine.

These injectors consist of a nozzle. Sometimes the nozzle gets clogged due to the carbon produced as a by-product during the combustion process.

Due to the clogged injectors, enough fuel is not supplied to the combustion engine, and the engine keeps turning off.

The clogged injectors can be cleaned with the help of a high-pressure air combination and strong solvent. Fuel additives such as Techron can also be used to clean the clogged injectors.

5. Battery Issues:

Another possible reason is the battery issues. Moderns ATV vehicles have batteries that are used to supply voltage to the electrical components of the vehicle.

Battery Issues
Source: aamcoutah

The loose battery connection can cause problems that might result due to damaged or crossed wires.

The battery might not work well if it is old and can hold the charge again or due to a low fuel level.

Identify the problem, whether the battery is too old or its wires are corroded. If the wire connection is loose, fix them and if the battery is too old, replace it immediately to solve the problem.

6. Gas Issues:

The contaminated gas and fuel also cause the ATV to keep turning off. If your ATV vehicle remains in the rain or is submerged in water with the gas tank’s cap not properly sealed, the water can get mixed with the gas in the vehicle and contaminate it.

Open the gas tank, remove the water, clean it thoroughly and ensure no moisture is left in the tank. Refill the tank with fresh gas and check if it solves the problem.

Moreover, low gas supply also affects the working of the ATV vehicle. If the ATV is used after a long time, the gas present might be broken down into unstable elements that produce the varnish and clogs the carburetor.

Due to these problems, enough gas  is not supplied to the combustion engine, and it keeps turning off.

To solve this problem, clean the fuel system using fuel system cleaners such as Ethanol Equalizer.


Your ATV vehicle might keep turning off for various reasons, such as overheating electrical components, blocked air filter, clogged carburetors, dirty fuel injectors, and fuel and gas issues.

We have discussed all these reasons along with their solutions to fix them. Go and check them out to get rid of your problem.