Will Race Gas Make Me Run Lean In ATV? – Problems

Race gas or high-octane fuel does not make your ATV run lean but if the engine is not designed to handle increased octane then you can expect huge damage to your engine.

Do you know?

The incorrect proportion of air/fuel mixture disturbs the functioning of the engine and causes major damage to the ATV, this is known as the lean condition of an ATV

Though race gas itself doesn’t make ATVs run lean it is recommended to adjust your vehicle carburetor according to the requirements of high-octane fuel/race gas to avoid leaning and damage to the vehicle. If your ATV is in lean condition then it can cost you a handsome amount in the name of expensive repairs and everlasting damage.

In this article, we will discuss how race gas makes your ATV run lean and its potential damage to the inner components of the engine.

We will also let you know how to keep your vehicle safe while it is using race gas and adjust the air-fuel ratio which can save you from further problems.

Is It Bad For An ATV To Run Lean?

A lean condition means that the engine doesn’t have enough fuel/air ratio which can lead to the following problems.

1. Reduced power

atv Reduced power
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High power is the requirement when it comes to riding an ATV over rough terrains and hills but the lean condition reduces the power and makes it difficult to run the vehicle.

2. Detonation

Detonation or engine knocking is the result of spontaneous ignition in the engine that builds heavy pressure and it causes cylinder wall damage and piston failure.

3. Fuel consumption

Since the engine doesn’t consume fuel efficiently when it is in the lean condition the ATV will need frequent fueling. It can further increase your expenses.

4. Wear And Tear

A lean condition reduces engine life by wearing and tearing its internal components such as valves, pistons, and cylinder walls.

5. Unlimited Emission

atv Unlimited Emission
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The imbalance of air/fuel ratio increases emissions from the ATV and it results in a polluted environment that is harmful to every living being since it affects the respiratory system and contaminates the environment badly.

6. Overheating

In lean conditions, the engine uses much power and therefore gets hotter hence harming engine parts that are necessary for its proper functioning.

How to save the engine from running lean while using race gas

Here we are going to explain some tips that are highly helpful to save your engine from running lean even when you are using race gas.

7. Carburetor Jetting/Air-Fuel Balance

If your carburetor is properly jetted then it keeps the air/fuel mixture in balance and saves the vehicle from running lean. It is suggested to take your ATV to a professional mechanic to ensure its proper jetting.

You can do it by following some steps.

  1. Make your air filter clean and remove all dirt and dust from it
  2. Warm up the engine and locate the carburetor that lies near the engine
  3. Then you need to adjust the idle speed
  4. Attach a tachometer to the exhaust pipe of the ATV to know the air-fuel ratio in your vehicle.
  5. Keep turning the screw present on the engine’s carburetor until you get the desired air-fuel ratio

After following all the steps, run your engine to check if everything is working smoothly.

8. Exhaust System

Ensure that your ATVs exhaust system is providing proper exhaust flow since it saves the vehicle from potential damage even if you are using race gas.

9. Use High-Quality Fuel

Use High-Quality Fuel
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High-quality fuel keeps the engine in better condition since it doesn’t contain any harmful substances that decrease the life of the engine.

10. Spark Plug Checking

Always keep an eye on the spark plug for avoiding lean conditions. A loose spark plug results in a misfire and poor combustion.

11. Perfect Airflow

Better airflow is necessary for preventing the lean condition of an ATV. It is recommended to use an efficacious air filter because it offers proper filtration.


You should always use race gas with proper care and research by adjusting the air-fuel mixture or using high-quality fuel otherwise it would end up damaging the engine badly.

It is suggested to consult a professional to have your engine checked and diagnosed to avoid permanent loss of your vehicle.