What Is High Mileage For A UTV? – Discuss

If you are thinking about buying a used UTV, you might want to know about its mileage because the quality of the vehicle is determined by its mileage or the distance it traveled since the day it was bought.

5000 miles is considered the high mileage of a UTV but if it crosses this limit then it might deteriorate the performance and collapse the internal components of the vehicle like the engine, brakes, and tires.

In this article, we are going to discuss high mileage for a UTV and how it affects the life expectancy of a vehicle. What are the cons of buying a high-mileage UTV?

What Is The High Mileage For A UTV?

What Is The High Mileage For A UTV
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For a  UTV 5000 is the highest mileage but some vehicles are reported to have a mileage of above 20,000 and still run smoothly without any fault.

Proper care and maintenance are the other factors that extend the life of a vehicle.

But these are the very rare cases when UTV crosses the limit of ideal mileage and works perfectly.

You must keep in mind that mileage above 5000 can harm the vehicle you intend to buy and it can even increase your expenses because as the vehicle ages its performance slows down automatically.

Is It Bad To Have A High-Mileage UTV?

Here we are going to discuss the cons of high mileage UTV.

1. Higher Fuel Cost

Higher Fuel Cost
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Frequent use of vehicles can damage the engine and its other parts and it reduces the fuel efficiency of vehicles. These things result in higher fuel costs.

2. Increased Wear And Tear

Old vehicles tend to have more breakdowns and wear and tear. They require more maintenance and it results in expensive repairs that are sometimes totally out of the budget.

Broken inner components are hard to find oftentimes and it lands buyers in huge trouble.

3. Reduced Performance

High mileage can reduce the performance of the vehicle and the chances of accidents may increase.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for old UTV to go smoothly on rough terrains and the engine stops working effectively. It can even put passengers at risk of death.

4. Mechanical Failure

Mechanical Failure
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High mileage means the vehicle has traveled a long distance and the chances of wear and tear can increase with time. Accumulation of miles can increase the risk of mechanical failure.

The first thing that high mileage affects is the engine of the vehicle and when it stops working properly then the vehicle becomes disabled. It also damages wires, brakes and tires.

5. Lower Resale Value

Old or used vehicles have a lower value than brand-new models. No one would want to pay high for a high mileage UTV. So its decreasing resale value is a perplexing situation for the owner.


In a nutshell, the high mileage of a UTV should not exceed 5000 otherwise it can end up in huge damage of inner components and expensive repairs, which is a troublesome situation.

We have explained in detail all the disadvantages of having or buying such UTVs. If you are still confused you can consult a professional mechanic to make everything clear.