How Do I Identify My Warn Winch Model? – 5 Ways & Steps 2023

Every Warn Winch has a specific serial on the gear housing side of the Winch.

In most cases, it is laser pinched or stamped on the side.

It helps to determine the model no for the manufacturer and winch mechanics as they can repair it easily if they know which model no it is.

Warn winches are highly trusted by engineers, mechanics, and boat owners to operate safely in many challenging environments.

There are some different Types Of Winch models, and there are 3 types of warning winch serial numbers.

There Are 5 Main Ways How Do I Identify My Warn Winch Model

Warn Winch
  1. Number plate The serial number plate has been added on top of the warning winch housing. In this method, you will be able to locate the serial number by checking the number’s position.
  2. Serial no can be located on the side of the gearbox, when you turn on the warn Winch then turn off the engine.
  3. Side view This can be found by peering through the access door or any other inspection area.
  4. Metal Tag with a warning Winch MFG NO. HRS45 1 1523. This product does not work in it is sounds safe nature.
  5. There is a barcode label sticker at the bottom of the windlass housing, which also indicates the manufacturer.

Checking Warn Winch Serial No In Steps

Warn Winch Serial

Please use these following steps to find out your warned winch serial no:

The most accurate method of finding out you’re warned winch serial no is by referring to the following process.

Please follow the below instructions:

  1. Find out your Warn Winch Serial No from your engine manual
  2. Enter your Engine Model Number and Name (whichever one you are working with) into the search bar and click Search
  3. When you receive your result(s), please verify if it matches your engine model number and name as displayed on your vehicle Engine instruction manual
  4. If you cannot find your Warn Winch Serial No within the above method, then you can locate your Warn Winch Serial No in a few different ways.

By checking the manufacturer’s code plate located on the side of your winches (there may be a sticker attached).

This method is most accurate, and we would surely recommend using it.

Quick Summary

Warn Winch can easily be identified from their manufacture date and serial number.

It is normally stamped into the main part of the housing or label attached to the top of the winches, which shows the manufacturer’s date code.

In other words, if you do not know your Warn Winch Serial No, it can be identified by looking at the manufacturing date code on the main part of the Winch itself or attached to the top of the Winch.

Which shows the serial no of the Winch itself.

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