How To Double Winch Pulling Power? – Step By Step Guide In 2023

Winches have a huge pulling capacity, but who knows when you have to double it up to get something big hauled.

Winch pulling power can be doubled by using a snatch block. This will divide the pull on a two-way energy stream, and your winch will be able to pull double weight.

Snatch blocks are also known as reducers because they reduce the weight by dividing it into streams.

The Process of adding a snatch block is simple. You will have to cut the heavy cable and then splice in a snatch block. You must use the right size snatch block for your winch.

Complete Process To Double Winch Pulling Power:

Now that you know how to double up your winch pulling power, get out there and haul some serious weight.

But Before that, be sure to know how exactly your line should be attached with a snatch block.

Here are three ways to double up your winch pulling power using a snatch block.

  1. Attach the line to the snatch block with a quick link or through a swivel. This way, you can quickly switch between pulling modes without having to unload and reload your winch.
  2. Use a bowline knot as your attachment method. This will provide more stability and prevent the line from becoming tangled.
  3. Make a figure 8 knot with the line and the snatch block. This will provide even more stability and prevent your line from becoming tangled.

1. Increase Pulling Power By Double line

Increase Pulling Power By Double line
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When using a snatch block to double up your winch pulling power, it is important to use the right size block.

If you don’t use the correct size snatch block, your line could become entangled.

Additionally, if you attach your line with a bowline knot or figure 8 knot, the knot will become too tight and damage your line.

To ensure your safety and the longevity of your line, use a snatch block that is the correct size for your winch. The most common size for snatch blocks is 3/4 inch by 2-1/2 inches.

If you don’t have a size-specific snatch block, measure the circumference of your winch’s drum and find a matching block on the market.

Use a quick link or a swivel to attach your line to the snatch block.

Make sure to use a bowline knot as your attachment method so that the knot is strong and won’t become tangled.

Make a figure 8 knot with a line and the snatch block to double up your winching power.

This will provide even more stability and prevent your line from becoming tangled.

2. Increasing Pulling Power By Triple Line

Increasing Pulling Power By Triple Line
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If you’re looking to increase your pulling power, even more, consider using a triple line setup.

This will allow you to use three times more force when winching, which can be crucial in difficult situations.

To use a triple line setup, attach one end of your line to your snatch block.

Then make a loop with the other end of the line and tie it into a knot.

Make sure to put enough slack in the line so that you can move your arm freely while winching.

Finally, make another loop with the other end of the line and tie it into a knot. You now have three loops on your line, which you can use to increase your pulling power.

3. Cautions For Double Winch Pulling Power

These techniques are quite useful and work to double or triple the pulling power of your winch, but they are not safe.

Because with an increment of pulling power, the tensile strength also increases in the wire, which makes it very dangerous.

4. Here Are Few Cautions You should Act-On

  1. Always use a winch line guard to protect your hands and arms from the wire.
  2. Only use these techniques under professional supervision.
  3. Ensure that the line is properly secured and does not become tangled during use.
  4. Use snatch blocks that are specifically designed for winching.
  5. When using a winch, the best position for your body is usually in a seated or kneeling position.

5. How To Reduce The Tensile Strain Of Wire

Tensile Strain Of winch Wire

Using a Snatch block can increase tensile strain and stress in the wireline, so you should know how you can reduce it.

There are a few ways to reduce the tensile strain of wire. One way is to make the wire thinner.

Thinner wires are less likely to break, but they also tend to be weaker.

Another way is to use a stronger material for the wire’s core. This will help prevent it from breaking, but it may also be more expensive.

Alternative For Increasing Pulling Power

If you don’t want to use a snatch block, you can use a pulley system. This will multiply the power of your winch by adding extra gears or pulleys.

But this could result in more strain on your line, so be sure to use a guard.

6. How To Use Extra Gears Or Pulleys To Increase Pulling Power

Pulleys and gears are a great alternative to snatch blocks. Pulleys multiply the power of your winch while gears increase the torque.

You can find these in both manual and electric models. To use a pulley, first find the gear corresponding to your wire’s size.

It’s easiest to do this by measuring the circumference of your cable with a piece of string or a ruler. Then find the matching gear on your pulley.

First, attach a belt or chain to the sprocket at one end of the gear to use gears.

Loosen the bolt that holds it in place and turn it so that the teeth are lined up with those on your winch drum. Finally, reattach the bolt and tighten it.

Quick Summary

Double Winch Pulling power can result in easy hauling of heavy objects. But this comes with a cost, as the line can become strained under heavy loads.

Alternatives to snatch blocks include pulleys and gears, which multiply the power of your winch, ut these can also increase strain on the line.

Always use caution when using extra gears or pulleys, and be sure to monitor your line’s condition.

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