How To Use Winch Without Remote? Step By Step Guide In 2023

A winch is a must-have tool. You should keep one for uncertain conditions.

They have uncountable advantages and uses in grim situations.

Winches are a basic necessity for you if you are always driving off-road or maybe mostly driving off-road.

This can help you winch someone’s car if they break down in a remote area or when your car breaks down, and your other vehicle can’t tow it, this tool will do the job for you.

Well, we do agree upon its uses, but how to use winch without a remote.

You may come across several situations that require the winch to use in their specific situation.

These situations may vary depending on where you are driving and who is stuck with their car, also what time of the day it is.

If the roads are closed due to unknown conditions or heavy snowfall,

Then all of these might affect your need for using a winch without a remote.

Winch It Out

Winch It Out
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But this time, we will not talk about pulling objects out of mud or snow.

But only using the winch for safe driving purposes like getting off-road by hitting any potholes or fallen trees.

We have been informed by a few users that people also face difficulties getting their vehicles off-road.

When it comes to rough terrains.

After giving all their efforts, they damage their vehicle completely or break its bumper and more.

Control Winch Without Remote

Having No remote control is a serious issue when using a winch without a remote.

Control Winch Without Remote

It would help if you considered all possible cases when your vehicle breaks down and no one around to help you out.

This means no one around can drive your car back or take it off-road for you,

Then it becomes difficult to get out of trouble as well as hard to put a safe distance between you and other cars that might collide with you while doing so.

Here Are Few Steps You Can Follow If You Have To Use Your Winch Manually

1. Find Strong Anchoring Place

If you don’t have a remote to control the winch, you have to anchor it at a place or object which can withhold the pull force.

Sometimes if the cable gets snagged on an object like a tree branch, an incline, etc.

Then it might fail to lift the vehicle as well as make the situation worse.

If your car has a front differential, it’s probably going to flip over due to sudden pressure being applied on its rear axle, which will eventually result in breakage of transmission or gearbox.

So If the anchoring point is not strong the things may get worse.

2. Free The Cable Wire

Free The Cable Wire

You need to disengage the lever to make the cable move freely;

once your cable is free, you will be able to bind it to an anchor and pull it out.

It may also require more space than initially required, but after making sure that your car has enough room for the anchoring point,

Try tying the wire rope with other ends.

This way, it will make sure that there is enough distance between two vehicles so that if one gets snagged by something else, they won’t hit each other while lifting your car.

3. Attach D Shackle

Attach D Shackle

Next is to attach the D shackle and Winder Coil onto the cable.

You will need these items in case your car falls.

Also, while using this trick, keep in mind that even though this method is quick and easy.

You should always remember to engage the emergency brake before releasing cable from the anchor

So that if anything goes wrong, your car doesn’t fall while winching it up.

4. Clutch Release Switch

Clutch Release Switch

The clutch release switch must be used for attaching & anchoring the point of cable & chain so that when you have finished.

You can drop it off from there without the engaging clutch, which may again pose the danger of being jerked or startled.

Which can cause unwanted consequences.

5. Joker Wheel

You may use a joker wheel too and other Types Of Winches, which can also be attached with a string,

But I think using the winder coil method is easier & quicker as compared to the joker wheel method.

Quick Summary

Now I know this article was very long, but it’s been explained well.

So you won’t face any problems trying out these methods on your car.

Losing or forgetting a remote can be a serious issue, so you should have a backup plan to handle such situations in the future.

So follow the instructions carefully, try them out yourself on your winches, and have fun!

It’s very helpful when you need to carry heavy things with ease without wasting time or risking the life of anyone around you.

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