How To Wire A Winch To A Truck – Latest Tips & Tricks In 2023

Winches need to be attached with the help of wires.

And they should be attached in a specific pattern to make winch work with tow trucks.

Here is the complete way to wire a winch on a tow truck.

  1. Wires have specific color codes to see the perfect attachment slot.
  2. Earth cables are on bull bars.
  3. Attach positive wire with the positive terminal and negative with the negative terminal.
  4. Be sure to attach according to the matching color.
  5. Now power your winch with a battery with a maintained charge and run your winch.

Tow Truck Winching

Tow truck winches, or “theaters,” are one of the most frequently used vehicles on many roadways today.

Towing trucks are generally large vehicles equipped with special power and manual steering systems that allow the operator to bring disabled vehicles out of harm’s way quickly.

It is often more convenient for tow truck operators to attach their batteries with a simple hook and strap arrangement.

Still, some customers find this difficult and choose to use tow Truck winches instead.

Tow truck Winches come in various shapes and sizes and vary from as small as 20 ft (6m) in length and 8 ft (2.4m) in width to larger ones measuring 48 ft (14m) in length and 15 ft (4.6m) in width.

Larger tow truck winches have been mounted on several roadway accidents where people’s lives were saved due to their superior capabilities of retrieving automobiles from very steep angles.

Forms Of Tow Truck Winches

Forms Of Tow Truck Winches
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Tow truck winches come in two forms: horizontal “mounts” and “single-side” mounting styles.

These winches can either be manually operated or operated by electricity or air pressure.

A vertical tow truck winch can be found on almost all highway departments across the country and has become an industry standard for its high load-carrying capacity.

However, this Type Of Winch requires some welding work before it can be attached to a vehicle.

And most important that it needs a lot of wire to make the winching system work properly.

So here is the complete guide to wire a winch to a truck.

How Towing Trucks Work

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Towing Truck is a tractor fitted with specialized gear to pull an automobile behind it.

This process is achieved by attaching a metal bar called the towbar to the rear of the vehicle and attaching a pinion gear at the front end of the towbar.

When a heavy car is hooked up to the tow bar.

The tractor’s steering system makes the front wheels steer like those of a locomotive, enabling the car to be dragged along at high speed.

The drive shaft runs inside the axle housing, which has rubber seals to prevent oil leakage.

In many cases, this method is used for cars with damaged suspensions or even cars that have lost their brakes.

While these systems have proven useful for hauling vehicles with faulty suspension systems.

They do not help much when there is no axle damage or any problems with the brakes.

Options Available To Winch Your Vehicle At Higher Angels

1. Air Lift Winch

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It is a very simple and fast way to hook up a car or truck to a tractor and lift it off the ground.

All you need is an air compressor, some small tubing, and some pipe clamps.

It will require less than five minutes to attach this device to the back of your vehicle.

However, if you need to pull your vehicle off the ground or onto a higher level.

Then you may have to wait for more than five minutes for the vehicle to rise in height.

The benefit of this device is that it does not use any external source of power like electric motors or gas pumps, therefore making it energy efficient.

The main drawback of this device is that it may require professional services if you want to make adjustments or perform routine maintenance.

It also costs quite a bit more than other alternatives.

But this cost is well worth it if you want to avoid spending money on frequent repairs and unnecessary replacements.

2. Mechanical Support

Mechanical Support
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A chain drive mechanism attached to the rear axle can raise a vehicle by exerting downward pressure on the hitch bar at the front of the vehicle.

This system requires minimal effort from the driver and will take care of most bumps in the road.

Although you will still need to steer while pulling your vehicle with this method.

This method can be dangerous because if you lose control of the vehicle while pulling it, you can flip it over and get seriously injured.

3. Lifting Straps

Lifting Straps
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Another good option for raising a vehicle without using any mechanical device is using lifting straps.

You can buy them in different lengths or attach them to a tow bar that you already own.

They are usually very inexpensive and do not require manual effort from the driver to lift a vehicle with them.

You wrap the strap around the back of the vehicle and start lifting it upwards, depending on the strength of the straps you use.

Once you reach the top of the slope, you will have to force the straps and move them up to keep the vehicle steady while it rises in height.


Tow truck winching is safe and convenient when we use it. Winches need to be attached to vehicles so you can control them.

Wiring winches with tow trucks is not as difficult as we thought, but it needs patience and skills.

If you do not know the skills, you should get help from experienced persons.

If you do not know how to do it yourself, please find someone who knows the technique and then teach you how to use it.

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