How To Wire A Winch With A Toggle Switch? Step By Step Guide In 2023

The toggle switch is an alternative you can use instead of remote control in most winches.

It’s simply toggled, and therefore it has very high reliability, as opposed to a toggle switch that turns off/On your winches.

There are other circuits for controlling winches with switches,.

But we don’t recommend them because of the long contact times, which will make your winch cycle run much longer.

Connecting a toggle switch to the control winch can help you make you’re working fast and efficient.

But to connect it, you need to wire it with your winch, which is a tricky task for a newbie.

Follow our guidelines, if you want to Wire A Winch with a toggle switch perfectly without any acute problem.

What Is A Toggle Switch?

What Is A Toggle Switch
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The toggle switch is a powered wireless button that works faster than a remote control.

There is an option to connect remote controls for some users for convenience.

Still, the toggle switch has another advantage over remote control:

You can connect more than one toggle switch in series and turn on/off multiple winches by pressing only one button.

And even when the battery in the toggle switch runs out

You can continue using it as long as there is still power coming from your battery or alternator.

It will never let you down! But when the battery goes dead.

It will no longer operate the winch since it has no way to charge itself.

How To Wire A Winch With A Toggle Switch?

Wiring a toggle switch with a winch is easy if you have been connecting all electronic devices before, there will be no problems at all.

However, if you don’t know what you are doing and connect things improperly,

You can get burned by some little spark or broken thing that may hurt you or, worse, kill you.

All The Necessary Steps To Wire The Winch Perfectly With Toggle Switch:

 Winch Perfectly With Toggle Switch
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First, check that there is no power running toward the toggle switch.

If there is any turn-off, be sure to perform all actions by taking the necessary cautions.

Then perform the following steps one by one to place the toggle switch and wire them together properly and without damaging it in any way.

After getting all the necessary work done, connect it back with the battery pack, activate the motor.

And have fun while using your winch with its operation as per the

Instruction manual:

  1. Start your vehicle engine and disconnect all the wires connected to the toggle switch.
  2. They may be in different colors, but usually, they are green, red, and yellow.
  3. Now disengage the winch clutch and let it stay in a stable rest position.
  4. Now open the hood to access the installation area easily.
  5. Cut the spade connector on the supplied green and yellow wire.
  6. Position the tube clamp on the handlebar where you can easily get access.
  7. Now get ready to use some tools to mount the switch housing to the tube clamp.
  8. Push all three colored wires at the back of the housing switch.
  9. Install the gasket onto the toggle switch.

Now Get The Wiring Done.

  1. Attach the yellow wire to the top terminal of the toggle switch.
  2. Connect the red wire in the middle of the terminal and connect the green wire in the bottom of the toggle switch terminal.
  3. Slide all three wires into the loom and back to the switch housing.
  4. Snap switch and switch housing at the same time.
  5. Way your wire from toggle to handlebar. Be sure to check to ensure plenty of clearance.
  6. Now route these wires to the toggle switch and connect them with the corresponding toggle switch.
  7. Place all these wires to toggle switch into wire splice.

In the end, check your system twice and be sure to match all the wiring directly to their ports according to colors.

Confirm and disengage the winch clutch and turn your toggle switch out while your vehicle ignition switch is off (Winch should not work).

Now winch some wire out with the clutch by hand and then switch it on while pressing the toggle switch.

The winch will start to work with a toggle switch.

If it does not start, check the wiring again because you have made a mistake connecting them.

Best Toggle Switches:

Best Toggle Switches.

Best Toggle switches have electronic control and electromagnetic or permanent magnets, a metallic latch.

Which controls the connection between two wires.

It is also more cost-effective with toggle switches than pulleys, snap action switches, and changeover contactors.

This switch works as an on-off function for motor load circuits.

And it is one of the types of mechanical switches used for circuit protection and load switching in low-power electrical systems.

There Are Four Kinds Of Toggle Switches:

  1. Push Button Switches
  2. Rocker Switches.
  3. Side Lever Switches.
  4. Double Pole Push-Pull Switches.

There Are Many Different Applications For These Types Of Switches Like They Are Used In:

  1. Tv Remote Control Systems,
  2. Musical Instruments,
  3. Electric Furnaces,
  4. Automobiles,
  5. Cranes,
  6. Irrigation Equipment, Etc.

These switches have gained much popularity because of their applications in various devices.

This study guide is for people who want to learn how to wire toggle switches to connect them with other circuits and make their work perfect.


Wiring S Winch with a toggle switch need some detailed information about its operations and specifications.

And there are many problems related to wiring this device.

Some steps have to be followed in order to connect the winch perfectly with a toggle switch.

We can easily solve this problem by following the correct way to wire the toggle switch with the proper cable size and the number of conductors in each conductor.

If you want to do wiring by yourself, go for it.

But don’t go in a rush because many things should be checked while making it work properly.

Finally, if you find anything wrong or missing, consult an expert person.

who can give you proper guidance about how to wire a winch with a toggle switch.

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