What Is A Winch Truck & How To Use it Perfectly? – Is It Worth Using In 2023

In Simple words, a Winch truck is a truck with a winch. It is a hybrid system of two different types of machinery working together to help someone or itself get out of misery by pulling it toward safety.

These vehicles have their own installed winches for different uses and purposes.

It is a common case for many truck drivers to get stuck on their route, no matter if it’s mud or sand or maybe passing from woods.

And mostly truck drivers’ routes are not that busy, and help could take hours to arrive.

So keeping in mind all these problems, A winch truck is what you need to get back on track.

Only reason which is enough to get a winch installed on the truck is that trucks are heavy, and they can get stuck anywhere at any time without having anyone to help them get out.

Trucks mostly have pretty harsh routes, and drivers are rough out there, so not having a self-helping tool can be a serious issue.

Truck drivers use winches to get unstuck or help someone stuck in the routes.

Moreover, they are a great tool to remove a tree or giant rock to clear the way toward the destination.

Best Suited Winches For Truck:

Best Suited Winches For Truck

Winches are quite rough and tough versatile tools, especially those you see on jeeps and trucks.

They are heavy loaders because they are commonly used for towing cars and trucks.

But not all winches can treat your needs equally and have unique attributes that may concern you.

Best suited winches are those which have huge capacity to pull and are equally supported to your truck also.

Most of the truck winches are electrical winches or hydraulic winches.

They are the best choice because they are well integrated when it comes to mixing and matching with trucks.

Like electrical winches can tow a car easily automatically with the help of truck battery charge only.

And same hydraulic winches can use liquid to perform towing and winding of trees out of routes.

These winches have a wire with a normal length of between 40 to 150 meters.

The wire is wound around the drum.

The drum is directly taking power from the engine in a mechanical winch or battery.

If it is an electrical winch and hydraulic, then the owner knows well about treating it with the best liquid.

And we have created a separate blog post on types of Winches so you can choose your truck friendly winch according to your truck size.

How To Use Winch Trucks Perfectly?

How To Use Winch Trucks Perfectly?
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Winches are quite stable and handy tools to cope up, but they become more versatile and sometimes complex to use with trucks.

Here are a few steps to use winch trucks perfectly to their utmost capabilities without doing any damage.

  1. First of all, plug in the winch and stop clutching to release the wire cable of the winch.
  2. Find something hard to anchor your winch, like a tree or a hard and steady rock that can withstand the force.
  3. Pull the necessary cable out of the winch to tow the car or for any purpose you are using it.
  4. To make it work in a definite way, pull a tree saver strap and bind it around the object with the help of an anchor shackle.
  5. Now attach the shackle with the winch hook and ensure that the tip is facing up.
  6. Now use the remote if it’s automatic to pull the winch taut.
  7. Clear the way of the winch cable before pulling your truck out.
  8. Now get into the truck, put it on neutral, and winch the vehicle using the remote control.
  9. Stop winching once you are unstuck.
  10. Unhook the winch by unhooking the shackle.
  11. Rewind the winch cable with the help of the remote so it can pack it up.
  12. Remove the shackle from the tree’s anchor or rock, and you are all done.

Uses Of Winch Trucks:

  1. Loading and unloading of heavy machinery.
  2. Clearing the way from objects like rocks and trees
  3. For towing vehicles or getting them unstuck
  4. For transporting heavy objects on hard terrains
  5. Relocation of frac tanks and oilfield machinery

Winches And Safety Management:

Winches could come in handy in many subjective situations.

Winches And Safety Management
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Still, they are also dangerous to work with only if you are not following the safety hazards.

There are a few accessories you should have when working with a winch truck-like, a pair of heavy gloves, snatch blocks, shackles, and a tree saver strap.

All these accessories will make your winching easier and safer.

Here are some general points you should be considered before using a winching truck.

  1. Use heavy gloves when rigging the winch wire cable, so you don’t get any rub burns.
  2. These winches can rip your finger off if, unfortunately, your hand slips on the wire.
  3. Be sure to double-check your accessories and winch before operating with it.
  4. Make sure to clear the path between the wire and the tow vehicle.
  5. Make sure you have the remote control with you to operate easily.
  6. Winching process is safer if it is carried slower.

Winches are an integral tool, especially when you are doing a lot of off terrains or oilfield routes.

They do come in various qualities and types Just be sure you have the right one. If we talk about the price, they can range anywhere between 200$ to 2000$

Based on features like wire-type drums and their capacity to pull the load.


1. How do tow truck winches work?

Winches work on a simple pulling and dragging heavy objects toward themselves.

It winds the wire around the drum and keeps a constant tension in the wire, which helps tow a vehicle while keeping a safe distance.

2. Why would I need a winch

Unfortunately, do you know that you will get stuck on your next consignment and will not be able to deliver the objects on time?

This is a situation where you would need a winch.

Winches can be pretty handy in several different tasks like getting you unstuck, towing a vehicle, or dragging heavy machinery.


A simple but killer combo to get out of some hectic situations, truck winches can do life and time-saving help.

These trucks have winches on them to get you unstuck if you are stuck in mud or sand or can clear your way if there is a tree or rock.

There are a lot of other uses also at industrial and commercial scale like in oil fields, mining, woods, and in constructional areas.

where the heavy load needs to be transported immediately to make more space.

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