What Is Black Rat Hand Winch? – Comprehensive Guide In 2023

Black Rat Hand Winches are of great use and come in handy in grim situations.

But sometimes your auto winches may not work.

Technical problems can cause serious miseries, which cannot be solved without professionals.

So consider you are stuck in the mud, and your winch does not work.

Thoughts of this situation make you feel stressed, and if you are in this condition,

You may think you are the only person with the worst luck on earth.

For This type of issue, you should have a black rat hand winch with you.

Black rat hand winch is specially designed for this purpose.

Black rat hand winches have many functions other than rescuing stranded vehicles from mud, flood, snow, or rocky slope.

The unique design of the black rat hand winch gives its best to fulfill all the other types of emergencies.

The function of the black rat hand winch is as an emergency tow that will pull out stuck vehicles from trouble like a glitch.

Second, it will serve as rope for pulling down houses, cranes and structures, etc.

Version Of Black Rat Hand Winch:

There are two versions of black rat hand winch available, one with manual operation and another with remote operation.

Farmers have mostly used the manual version for farm work,

But people who have some expertise in working with vehicles find the remote version much easier to operate.

1. Range:

The range of both versions is 2-8 meters which means if you want to cover larger areas,

You need to carry two units with you.

If you need more, then go for the remote version but make sure you know how to use it well before trying it out.

2. Speed:

The speed of the two versions is limited and depends on the number of cars attached to them.

In short, the manual version has lower speed but greater torque,

while the remote version has higher speed but lower torque.

Black Rat Hand Winches Design And Feature:

Source: manualwinch

Black rat hand winches are specially designed to meet various working requirements of industrial applications.

These tools can be used to lift heavy objects or even install large banners or signage on walls or over doorways.

Their double action type allows users to install up to 500 pounds in each wrap of rope or chain.

The ease of operation makes them easy to use as well.

This includes user-friendly handles, stainless steel protection cover & roller protection system, etc.

Black Rat hand winches have an auto cut-off safety switch powered by a battery or gasoline motor.

It has telescopic piston rods with a carbon steel capstan wheel which prevents bending & kinking of rope or chain during operation.

Its full metal gear reduction transmission mechanism offers greater efficiency & lowers energy consumption as well.

These devices are extremely reliable & cost-effective for different working requirements.


Both versions have one main drawback: their storage capacity is less than others,

But some buyers believe that they have enough space to store extra items while traveling.

Uses Of Black Rat Hand Winch:

Here are some important uses of black rat hand winch

Source: expeditionportal.

1. Towing Vehicles/Truck:

Black rat hand winch can be used for towing.

Type of vehicle: including two-wheelers, four-wheelers, buses, trailers, etc.

But do remember that your car should be free from engine oil and other types of stuff that may cause an accident if used while traveling.

You should clean your car before using the winch for safety reasons.

If you are interested in finding out more about any type of vehicle, buses and trailers winches,

we have created a complete blog post on size of winch do i need for my Truck

2. Removal Of Tree Branches:

Removel Of Tree Branches With Black Rat Winch
Source: forestresearch

Trying to remove tree branches can be very hard without proper tools and sometimes even dangerous.

Black rat hand winch can come in handy and make the job easy for you.

A professional electrician or an experienced person can easily get rid of the problem by just hooking up the electric cord to the vehicle’s battery.

It can help you in many ways like tree removal, woodcutting, furniture lifting, etc.

3. Water Displacement:

Black rat hand winch can also be used for water displacement.

Water Displacement with Black Rat Hand Winch
Source: WikiPedia

All you need to do is find a large enough hole and start pulling it down with a high level of force.

It will automatically displace the water into a big vessel so that you can carry out the necessary steps after this.

If you want to paint a new wall or if you want to give your old walls a new coat of paint, then this is a great solution for you.

Take a portable toolbox with you, attach it to the cable, and let the rope drag downwards with full power.

It will allow you to reach all corners of the wall efficiently.

You can also do small repair work by fixing some wood screws into the wall using a drill.

It will also save you from hanging yourself or having someone else hang themselves on your shoulders.

4. Lifting Work:

Lifting work with black rat Hand winch
Source: hemamaps

It can be used for various other works too.

You can try hanging curtains from a ceiling using a special fixture or do something similar by attaching them to the black rat hand winch.

The utility of this product is not limited to only work purposes.

Why Black Rat Hand Winches Are Special?

Well, the answer is simple: they are super easy to use.

These products are equipped with special switches which allow you to work them without much difficulty.

There are several options available that make these tools extremely effective.

These include low weight & high-speed motor options, waterproof housing options, double planetary gear systems, etc.

These make them different from other conventional winches and thus stand out from the crowd.

They are made with utmost precision & quality in mind and thus allow you to have smooth performance at all times.

They are incredibly strong and durable as well.

Thus, these tools will never let you down at any time.

They can withstand harsh weather conditions too.

Thus, these products will be there for you when you need them the most.

These are affordable as well.

So, no matter how tight your budget is, you can get one of these handy devices at an affordable price.


Black Rat has been a well-known manufacturer of professional winches and equipment for years.

It provides high-quality & heavy-duty solutions at a very affordable price.

Their line of products includes premium-grade Winches & rams, which have an amazing load-carrying capacity.

This enables users to handle various situations easily and efficiently.

The rugged construction makes them incredibly tough and versatile too.