Which Winch Accessory Absorbs Energy If The Cable Breaks? | In 2023

Winch accessory absorbs energy if the cable breaks the blanket could be a great deal if your winch cable breaks.

You can use a blanket to absorb energy if the cable breaks eventually.

you could not replace it but throw it away, and then when it happens again, your damage would be minimized and saved much more money than repairing.

Winch Accessory Absorbs Energy If The Cable Breaks
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For more study you must read our blog post about Winch Cable Keeps Breaking.

This article also explains why other means such as paddles are less safe than a blanket in such a situation.

The concept is pretty easy; this will reduce damage to your equipment and increase safety.

The bottom line is that a blanket absorbs more energy than any other material, so keep it handy on your winch to prevent potential accidents.

Here are a few accessories you should have with you before you operate the winch on any connected machinery:

Winch Safety Accessories

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  1. Square line lock/ Round line lock/ Cone Line lock-means one easy item of cordage (such as low elongation polyester webbing) is easily attached and detachable without knotting it up. This will allow rope lashing and guy ropes to be added without time-consuming knots or fuss.
  2. Guide wheel & or sheave wheel (pliers) – for shifting between right & left position and operation under slanted conditions.
  3. Cutting shear-wire cutter (replacement or cutting wires under slanted conditions).
  4. Fireproof padlock & Cable band clamp in high fire risk areas.
  5. Waterproof tube plug – suitable for weathertight environments and during rainy days.
  6. Torque/Safety hammer-compact design with 3 fold points (hardwood head, lightweight plastic handle).
  7. O-Ring wrench ensures no-snag of the ring while attaching hooks to anchor lines.
  8. Snag prevention guide/adapter ring-this helps avoid the hook from getting stuck when connecting ropes to load bars or as part of the load balancing procedure.
  9. Drop sheet –lightweight rubber tarp used to catch items falling from high above, over a suspended location –for higher chances of objects being collected by surfaces underneath the table or roof before reaching the ground.
  10. Slip knife/ Lanyard lifter/ Edge grip tool/Emergency escape kit/ Basic Rescue Toolkit-instant kit for recovering individual(s). Or rescuing single persons from emergencies where power may be cut off, or safety harnesses are needed to ensure the proper functioning of tools in lifting procedures.
Winch Servicing Accessories
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Winch Servicing Accessories

  1. Heavy-duty pipe clamps-great for crimping large wire rope, DIN 38mm snap-off links, Carabiner hooks, and shock-resistant connection ropes for hauling powerline rods & amp; trolleys near wind generators, turbines, overhead transmission lines, and electrical transformers.
  2. Cut wire tool-tool used for making temporary cable ends during hot operations. Where copper cables need to be sorted out quickly and effectively. But do not require the use of specific machines or electricity.
  3. Screwdriver set/ Carabiners& Adapters set-up with an integrated torque adapter that prevents unforeseen mishaps due to torqued nuts in situations. Equipment is left on site unattended or needs to be installed on sites where there is no access to specific machines or power sources.
  4. Galvanized Gauldrill pliers/ Bungee Tightening Pliers/ Ice tongs

They improve grip strength while using multi-stranded stainless steel cable with light adhesive-covered sharp jaws for both rigid & flexible ends.

You can also be used for oil rig rigging applications, and cargo nets and steel strapping operations.

Safety Measure Winch Accessory Absorbs Energy If The Cable Breaks

Safety Measure If Wire Cable Breaks
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If the winch cable breaks inside, it does not continue moving after you have switched the spool into auto mode.

We advise that you pull up your motor while lowering the broken wire from a safe height.

You do not continue dropping it downwards while continuing to try. Find the broken end and make sure that it does not cause further injury.

We suggest that you follow these safety guidelines to avoid injuries then winch accessory absorbs energy if the cable breaks:

Don’t try to manually pick up the broken cable or re-join it by hand.

Make use of a properly sized crimping tool, pliers, or any other tools available at your location that are meant for handling damaged wires.

You may want to wear protective gloves to ensure safety during the handling of a broken wire.

At times the damaged cable cannot be moved without pulling it upwards from a certain height.

We suggest that you call for help from a nearby worker who has proper training & knowledge about these kinds of incidents.

Ensures that they safely get down from a certain height to lower the damaged cable.

This will prevent further injuries and accidental damages caused by breaking the wire.

If an electrical problem is present with the equipment, then contact an expert electrician immediately to solve the problem safely.

You may need to provide them with more information about the situation.

Inform them about the existing state of the wire cable before getting them to inspect it.


We have brought together all the possible steps and factors involved in getting rid of a broken wire cable on your property.

you may take note of them if any similar incidents occur on your property.

Find ways to tackle them quickly and efficiently.

A blanket is the first thing you need to absorb energy from a broken cable.

To be sure to have one with you. Not all mentioned accessories have to be with you all the time.

Few of them are important and usable according to the situation. So, choose the best fit and enjoy the safest work journey.

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