Winch Cable Keeps Breaking When Plowing? How To Stop In 2023

Cables that come along with winches are not the defined set of cables for plowing.

A number of applications exist that need Winch Cable Weight to be stronger than that recommended by BHMA or some similar authority.

Winch cable keeps breaking when plowing is a task that can stand in the task list which needs stronger cables than the recommended strength.

Most of the time, People buy a weaker cable for their winches.

Yet they must occasionally pull heavy trailers and tow other things to use for fieldwork.

We found a lot of discussion on how to calculate the breakage strain on winch cables when pulling with different implements, loads, soil types, and even terrain.

Specifically, plowing winch cables need extra efficiency and smart work to stop them from breaking.

Winch cable breaking
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One of the most common problems of Winch cable breaking when plowing is that people are using robes/cables.

Which are not powerful enough for plowing.

People using cables for plowing are breaking.

Because the tensile strength and plow pull are more than they can bear.

And it’s making it difficult to get perfect coiling back on the drum.

Its creates more tension and regression in the cable, which makes it difficult to bear any more weight, and it breaks.

There is always some little discrepancy in using rods/cables for plowing compared to other implement uses for the same job.

Why Does My Winch Cable Keep Breaking?

Your winch cable might be breaking because of the following reasons.

1. Low-Quality Cable:

Most cables used in winches are made of steel, which are less durable and strong than synthetic rope made of high-quality material.

Using the steel winch cable for pulling heavy weights might cause the winch cable to snap.

The heavy load may put more stress on the cable than it can bear, and due to this, the cable keeps breaking.

2. Damaged Winch Drum:

If you are facing breaking issues even after using a good quality rope, the problem can be with the winch drum.

The drum is the winch spool on which the cable is wounded. Therefore, it must be in good condition for the normal working of the winch.

If the winch drum is damaged, it will automatically affect the cable. The damaged drum can cause the cable to wear out more rapidly, resulting in a twisted cable that causes the cable to break.

3. Fraying

If you have been using the same winch cable for years, you might face this problem.

Due to excess use, the winch cable might become frayed (its edges got worn). 

Due to the fraying, the winch cable will become weak and will not have enough strength to bear the load, and enhance it will keep breaking.

4. Kinks:

If the winch cable is not properly wound onto the drum, it can cause twists and kinks to build in the cable. The kinks are the points where the cable gets bent.

Due to these weak points, the cable will lose its durability, and it keeps breaking when used for pulling a load.

How To Get Rid Of Cable Breaking Issues While Plowing?

Plowing could be much faster and easier if a tractor were available with power.

Take-off as an auxiliary output of its engine, which was put on the side or beside its body.

Snow Blade Support
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After splitting its belt system from the engine itself, With power take-off input.

You can move hydraulic rams on one side only with ease and proper flexibility and convenience.

Especially with special extension cylinders and other powerful & flexible components like bucket tips.

Snow blade supports, or high lift attachments for larger farm equipment.

Such additional features allow us to push heavier machines more intelligently.

Furthermore, our forces will be a lot more intelligent when driving our tractors in situations where these fields require extra strength to complete certain tasks.

Better Options

There is always a solution, and for a person fed up with this type of situation, there are methods to overcome this misery.

 cable breaking
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Sometimes it’s a mechanical issue, and usually, it is because people use an inadequate strength level rope or cable.

One of the best solutions for cable breaking problems is to change the cable.

Which can withstand double the weight or have double capacity than your needs.

Plowing makes the robe rough, which tends to break, and if you are using a roller Fairlead, the condition will be worse.

So it’s better to switch to aluminum hawse fairlead instead of roller fairlead.

 Hawse fairlead Roller fairlead
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This will allow the tensile to break down within the wire and cut the pull force to a remarkable level by plowing at a constant force.

You can use two straps to help the hook tie with the ropes, and this has been proved to be a helpful string to stop them from breaking.

What Makes A Winch Cable Keeps Breaking When Plowing?

Winch as an auxiliary component
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While you plow or otherwise, if you want to add a winch as an auxiliary component of your tractor.

You should follow some very important factors while purchasing one for yourself.

If you don’t follow them properly, then your machine may tend to fail under heavy-duty work.

Leading to severe damage and money loss.

The list below summarizes all these aspects in detail, which can help you plow easily without any breaking cable.

  • You must take care of quality & compatibility with your tractor ATV or any other vehicle before purchasing one. It should match all types of components & capacities, from electrical systems to gearbox systems, engines, etc. So that, there should be no conflicts at all in its working condition.
  • A winch must be sized correctly according to your power unit so that it won’t overload it and make it wear out quickly. Ensure that it has the correct height so that it won’t cause trouble while mounting on a roof or ceiling.
  • A winch should have a battery so that you can use it anywhere even if there is no electric source around and while plowing if it stops due to tensile and tension strength. So that it won’t let the cable break even in harsh plowing conditions like terrains or mud.

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Winch cable will keep breaking if you don’t follow the rules of dividing the tensile strength and pull force on different parts of the winch.

Rather than putting all the effect on the cable, try to divide it using several other optional features.

To use a winch for high-speed performance, always buy a specialized heavy-duty model from a trusted company only.

Use a specific capacity cable that can solve your winch cable keeps breaking when plowing problems.

Or any other work you want to conduct with your winch.

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