How Much Under MSRP Should I Pay For An ATV? – Tips To Negotiate

Buying your favourite ATV vehicle might be the most exciting moment, but it is also important to consider the right price before buying it to save money.

The manufacturers recommend an MSRP called “Manufacture Recommended Retail Price) to the dealers, which they consider to be according to the ATV model and also include the dealer markup.

However,the general rule is that you can negotiate for upto 15 % off the MSRP price.The negotiation also depends on the factors such as the model of the ATV you are buying and the season of selling.

This article will share a complete guide on how much MSRP you should pay for an ATV vehicle.

What Are Dealer Fees, And Are They Negotiable?

Along with the MSRP, other fees are also associated with the ATV. These fees are called the Dealer fees, including the freight, prep, title and doc fees.

Freight is the fee for transferring the ATV vehicle from the factory to the dealer’s shop. The prep is the fee charged for assembling the different parts of the ATV vehicle and checking for any other needs.

The title and docs fees are the most important as they are required to transfer the authority or ownership of the purchased vehicle to you.

Now, Are the dealer’s fees Negotiable? The fees might or might not be negotiable. It depends on the state and manufacturer rules. Some states require it, and some manufacturers might charge it from the dealer and in return they charge it from you.

However, the fee will be worth your money sometimes, as you can not assemble your vehicle like a skilled person, and the prep fees will be paid for that job.

Similarly, the documentation fees will be used to register the vehicle in your name, as it is the only legal way of getting ownership. 

The MSRP differs from the final OTD (Out The door) price. The OTD price also includes the dealer’s fees. Therefore, try to buy an ATV from a dealer that provides the best final deal.

What Is The Dealer Markup On An Atv?

Normally, the MSRP prices are set according to the expenses required to run a business, such as salaries, shipping fees and others.

However, it is always possible to negotiate for lowing prices under MSRP. Normally the dealers compensate for their losses by adding the money to the dealer fees.

The type of model you are  buying also greatly affects how much you can negotiate for the ATV vehicle.

The low-end ATV vehicle is cheaper, so they have lower markup for the dealer, such as 3 % or 4%. It is also possible the dealer might not agree with the asked price because of low profit.

On the other hand, High-end models have high prices and comparatively more dealer markups, such as 8%-12%. Therefore, there are greater chances that the price can be negotiated.      

What Is The Best Time To Buy An Atv?

Now, one of the best ways to buy your favourite ATVs is to buy them during a specific period.

Usually, this period comes when the ATV manufacturer announces the release of a new model.

With the arrival of the new models, the dealers will try to sell the older models to make space for those models which are high in demand.

So, when you buy at those times of the year, you can get the ATV vehicles at negotiable prices or even with discounts.

Now, the question arises how would you know when the new ATV model is about to be released? Well, the answer is quite simple, and most ATV lovers will know it.

To get information about the latest models, you can follow the ATV brand’s pages on Facebook, Twitter etc.

However, if you don’t want to do that, you can simply visit the brand’s official website and can subscribe to their email list.

It is a great way, as every time the brand announces the release of a new ATV model, you will get notified through email.

Tips To Negotiate With ATV Dealers:

If you are planning to buy an ATV vehicle, then you must follow these tips to negotiate with the dealer to get the best deal for the ATV vehicle.

Focus On High-End Models:

As discussed earlier, the model of the ATV vehicle greatly affects the pricing. The Low-end models might be cheap, but they also have less profit for the dealer, and they might charge you more in the final OTD price.

However, the high-end model might have high prices, but there are greater chances tha you will negotiate the price lower than the MSRP. Moreover, the high-end models have more specifications and features than the cheaper ones.

So, we recommend always focusing on buying high-end models as they will be worth your money and have more specifications than the cheaper ones.

Do Market Research:

Another way to buy an ATV vehicle at a reasonable price is to first do market research and know about the current market price of the desired model and how much it can be reduced.

You can also search for the prices online by visiting the dealer’s website. Once you have gained enough information, contact the main dealer and negotiate with them.

If they agree, you are good to go. But if you are not satisfied with the price, remember you have other choices as well. Go and discuss with others and make a reasonable deal.

Focus On Out The Door Price:

While negotiating the price, always keep in mind the OTD price that includes the other fees as well(dealer fees).

In other case, you might be negotiating the price for about an hour, and you decide 1200$ as the final price, but you receive the bill of 1500$ by adding the dealer’s fees.

So negotiating the final price is the best way to get the deal at a reasonable price as you have the confidence that you have to pay the price that you discussed with the dealer for the ATV vehicle.

Put Refundable Security Deposit:

While negotiating, you might want some time to think about it, but at the same time, you don’t want to lose your favourite ATV model.

In that case, the dealers usually use their tactic and tell you that you will lose it if you do not act fast.

So, To make sure that the ATV is not going anywhere and you get some time to think about it. You can provide the dealer with some refundable security fees.

In case you change your mind and don’t want to buy it anymore, you can simply ask the dealer to return the security fee.

But before it, you must discuss it clearly with the dealer to avoid any problems in the future.


You can negotiate for about 15% off the MRSP price. There are also other factors that affect the negotiated prices.

If you are buying a low-end model, you will get less discount; however, if you get a high-end model, you can negotiate for the price to a reasonable value.

The final OTD price includes the MSRP and the dealer fees. The dealer fees include the freight, prep, doc. and title fees. The dealer fees might or might not be negotiated depending upon the manufacturer and the state rules.

The best time to buy ATV vehicles at low prices is before or during the release of the new models when the dealers are getting rid of the older models.

We have also discussed the tips that you can use to negotiate with the dealer for buying your favriout ATV model. Go and check them out.