What Size Battery For 2500 LB Winch? Best Battery For Electric Winch In 2023

Winches need some good constant power to work efficiently, so choosing a perfect match battery is quite important.

If you have a 2500 lb winch, then I believe that the battery with at least 650 cranking power will be a good size battery.

To my best knowledge, these are the most suitable batteries for a 2500 lb winch because they can retain their efficiency for a long period.

Whenever Choosing A Battery For A Winch, Consider These Factors

Battery size matters a lot in winches, and having an exact match is a necessity, but finding one which fits your needs can be difficult because the weight of the battery will change if you increase the cranking power.

These are some things to consider when buying a battery for your winch. And there are also other things that you should consider, such as weather, charge cycle, etc.

These factors affect the battery’s efficiency, and therefore, it is very important to know them before buying one.

Type Of Wire Rope You Use On Your Winch

Whether you need 12 or 24 volts, which kind of controller do you want to use:

what kind of protection system you want to use: (even when the system has low current leakage) also make sure that the batteries have a low voltage drop and do not heat up easily.

For this, you can get high cold discharge rate batteries from national mono-crystalline cells, which are popular with US hunters and overland enthusiasts.

Right Type Charger

Right Type Charger
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The right charger type is very important because different types of chargers give different charging curves and efficiency levels.

Several factors influence charger performance, like its

  1. Maximum charge current
  2. Efficiency
  3. Duty cycle

It is much easier to find the right charger for your application if you know what kind of charger you want to use.

Watts Per Hour

The next Factor To consider while getting the right size battery is watts per hour capacity which determines how long it will last in heavy loads and high altitudes.

With a 1000 watt-hour rating, it can charge fast as 2A per hour, but other brands offer better performance than this one, like CPD 2000 watt-hour rated at 3A, which charges around 8 hours faster than 1000 watt-hour rated at 2A.

Cyclic Rate

Most importantly, ensure that the batteries have a good cyclic rate as most chargers with high power also have a low charging current.

Cyclic Rate
source: researchgate

So, even though they have higher output, they don’t work well with lightweight vehicles like

  • Trucks
  • ATVs
  • UTVs

which can drain their batteries within 5 minutes if not operated carefully.

The trick here is to look for an option that offers low power input to avoid getting drained out easily.

These factors play a major role in determining how well a battery will perform for your needs and help you decide what to look for while purchasing batteries.

So make sure you keep these factors in mind while selecting a battery for your application.


All these features should be given along with your brand or type of batteries so that you get maximum benefits from them.

Nowadays, several options are available online to get everything under one roof, so make sure you have read reviews before making a final purchase.

Best Battery Size For 2500 Lb Winch

If you are looking for a high-performance battery, it should be considered as 1800 mah capacity is enough for this heavy-duty Capstan Winch.

It has to give full cranking power and take around 6-8 hours to charge the battery fully.

Best Battery Size For 2500 Lb Winch
source: microgreenfilter

To give proper amperage to this heavy-duty winch, choosing a deep cycle battery that can take very heavy amperage without any damage is better.

The battery will last longer as compared to AGM or other conventional batteries.

It will not discharge during charging because of its low float rate and gives plenty of reserve power during discharge time.

Many 1900 mah capacity deep cycle batteries are available in the market, and one can easily get 1800 mah capacity batteries from many dealers in your local area.

You can find a suitable 1800 mah capacity battery by comparing various features such as

  1. Ampere-hour capacity
  2. Charging current
  3. Output voltage
  4. Terminal layout
  5. Overall dimension

These are all important factors determining the best size battery for your winch.

The maximum amperage draw during starting is 1 ampere, and the continuous draw will be at least 500 amperes so that your winch will start instantly when needed.


The 2500 lb winch requires a large size battery with at least 650 and max 1200 cranking power which is one of the most important criteria for selecting a suitable battery.

AGM or conventional batteries are not recommended for this winch because they don’t provide enough cranking power required for starting the winch instantly.

You can buy 1800 mah capacity battery, which will give plenty of cranking power and ample reserve power during discharge time.

If you want to increase the overall performance of your winch, then choose a deep cycle battery that can handle very heavy loads and won’t have any negative effect on its ampere-hour capacity.

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