What Does Override Do On Atv? || Complete Information About Override Button

You might be wondering about the yellow button on your ATV. The yellow button is the reverse override button.

It is a safety button used to rescue the Vehicle when it is stuck in a mud hole or something else.

So what does an override do on an ATV? It helps override the reverse limiter function and provides maximum  RPM while reversing the ATV vehicle, such as while reversing the Vehicle to get it out of the mud hole.

This article will discuss the working of the override button, how to use it, and precautions to follow.

Working Of Override Button On An Atv?

Working Of Override Button On An Atv?
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Sometimes when the ATV vehicle gets stuck in a mud hole. It becomes very difficult to get it out of it with limited RPM due to the reverse limiter.

The reverse limiter does not allow crossing a specific RPM (5 RPM) while reversing the Vehicle.

Even if you use the diff lock mode, you can not reverse the wheels beyond a certain.

In this case, the override button is used to get the Vehicle out with more power and RMP and provide full throttle.

The reverse override button overrides the reverse limiter function and helps backup your ATV Vehicle quickly.

How To Use Reverse Override Button On An ATV?

This feature may only sometimes be wanted, but it becomes crucial during emergencies.

Put your ATV in low gear and try to reverse the wheels by enabling the diff lock mode; the engine will tend to sputter as the reverse limit is hit.

Now press the override button to increase the RPM and reverse the Vehicle fastly.

Remember that the reverse override button will not help if your ATV tires are badly stuck in the mud. If the button is used in this case, it will only  cause the wheels to spin faster.

How To Turn The Override Off?

How To Turn The Override Off atv
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It will automatically turn off once you leave the button. Since it is a push button, you must continuously push it to turn it on.

Once you leave, it will no longer provide the extra RPM to fastly reverse your ATV.

It is quite annoying to hold the button continuously while making much effort to get the Vehicle out of the problem.

To eliminate this problem, you can use electrical tape to depress the button continuously  and do your work without the need to hold it 

Precautions While Using The Override Button:

Although the reverse override button is a safety feature but using it wrongly can cause serious accidents; therefore, it is important to use it properly.

Precautions While Using The Override Button atv
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  • Never use the reverse override button for towing heavy loads, as it will stress the system and damage the engine or gears. Only use it in an emergency.
  • It is important to always clean your ATV vehicle thoroughly and check for any other repairs to keep it in good condition after such a situation.

Due to being stuck in the mud, there is a high chance that your ATV vehicle’s exhaust and air filter might get clogged with the mud.

This can cause serious working problems in the future, and your ATV might keep turning off due to clogged parts. Cleaning it will solve the issue.


The reverse override button is a safety switch to recover the Vehicle quickly during serious conditions.

It simply works by overriding the power killing effect of the reverse limiter and provides maximum RPM while reversing the Vehicle.

To use it, turn on the diff lock mode if needed, and press the button with the thumb of your hand. Since it is a push button, it works as long as it is pressed.

You can use electric tape to depress it continuously to get rid of  pressing it continuously.

You can also follow the precautionary measures listed above while using the button and to maintain a healthy ATV.