How Many Amps Does A 12000 Lb Winch Draw? – Guide In 2023

12000 Lb Winches are high capacity winches that can haul objects that can weigh 12000 Lbs.

Most 12000 Lb Winches come with a 2 Amps draw rating every.

This means that the wench can handle 2 Amps of current before it starts to overheat and you also know how many amps does a 12000 lb winch draw.

This means they will Draw A Total Of 2 Amps when in use.

So depending on the type of winch and the load it is pulling, some may draw up to 3 amps while others may only draw 1 amp.

Knowing the amp draw rating of a winch you are considering purchasing is essential to ensure you have enough power available when needed.

So, depending on the weight of the object being hauled and the draw rating of your winch, you may need to use a higher Amps rating battery to power your winch.

Winches with a higher Amps rating draw more current than Winches with a lower Amps rating, so choosing the correct battery for your winch is essential.

How Many Amps Does A 12000 Lb Winch Draw & Its Wire Size

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When choosing a wire size for your 12000lb winch, it is essential to remember that the thicker the wire, the stronger the pull.

So when deciding on wire size, it is best to go with a thickness that will accommodate the weight and strength of your winch.

Standard wire sizes for 12000 lb Winches are 22AWG, 24AWG, and 26AWG. The best of all is 24 AWG Wire Size:

Factors Affecting AMPs Draw Rate:

If you are unsure about how much power your winch can draw, it is best to contact the manufacturer.

Many winches have a rating that you can find on the product page or in the instructions.

Many winch manufacturers offer a free amp draw test to determine your specific needs.

If you are pulling something over 100lbs, you should always consult with your local governing body before using a winch.

Amps draw rate is based on several different factors.

A few different factors can affect the amp’s draw rate.

  1. The type of battery being used
  2. The size and weight of the object being hauled
  3. The width and length of the cable being used
  4. The Types Of Winches
  5. The terrain or surface being pulled over
  6. The winch’s operator:
  7. How tightly the cable is held against the object
  8. The weather condition
  9. How well the winch is lubricated

The Type Of Battery Being Used:

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The most common type of battery is the lead-acid battery.

Lead-acid batteries are heavy-weight and have a low amp rating.

To power a 12000lb winch with a lead-acid battery, you would need a thicker wire size (24AWG) to accommodate the power and weight of the battery.

The Size And Weight Of The Object Being Hauled:

Another factor affecting amps draw rate is the size and weight of the object being hauled.

Larger objects will require a thicker wire size (26AWG) to handle the increased weight.

The Width And Length Of The Cable Being Used:

Cable width and length can also affect amps’ draw rate.

A thicker cable will require more amps to move the same weight.

How To Control Winch Amps Draw:

There are a few ways to control the amp draw of your winch.

  1. Adjusting the cable tension: Loosen the cable if the amps draw high, or tighten it if the amps draw is low.
  2. Lubricating the winch: Apply lubricant to any moving parts causing friction, such as the gears or the motor.
  3. Adjusting the speed: Increase or decrease the speed of the winch to control amps draw.
  4. Adjusting the gear ratio: Change the gear ratio to change how quickly the cable moves.
  5. Changing wind conditions: If there is high wind, the cable will move quickly and require more amps to start the engine. If there is low wind, the cable will move slowly and require fewer amps to start the engine.
  6. Adjusting the winch motor: Change the motor if overheating or causing other problems.
  7. Adjusting winch brake settings: Change the brake settings if the winch is not working as it should.
  8. Inspect and repair the winch: If there are any problems with it, inspect it and repair it as necessary.
  9. Checking for damage: Look for any signs of damage, such as broken wires or missing parts, to determine if a replacement is necessary.


In general, a 12000 lb winch can draw 2amps per rotation.

To determine if the winch is drawing too much power, use one of the methods above to adjust it.

If the problem persists, check for damage and repair as necessary.

Finally, always check the brake settings to ensure that they are in proper working order.

If you have any questions or problems with your winch, contact a professional for assistance.

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